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Address: Sat Gageni, Comuna Paulesti, Nr. 874, Judetul Prahova
Phone: +40785294794
Email: office@biopelet.ro
Opening hours: M-F: 8:00-20:00
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Heating straw pellets

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SC Biopelet Agroplant SRL (LTD) is a private company with 100% Romanian private capital based in Prahova County, specialized in the production of pellets from straw (biomass).

Pellets are produced after a German recipe; the production line is entirely designed and manufactured in Germany by HIMEL MASCHINEN . Thus, we can ensure high quality pellets by combining the rigor of German technology with the superior quality of Romanian straws. It is well known that Romanian straws are better and cleaner than those from Western Europe due to the narrower use of pesticides and herbicides. The farms from where the straws are purchased have a tradition in agriculture for over 30 years and they use 50% less chemicals than the average farm in western Europe.

The line capacity is 1tone per hour and we are able to work non- stop, if large orders are placed. We are located very close to the ring road of Ploiesti, close to the industrial parks, which ensures easy road accessibility and thus we can meet orders even when the weather conditions are bad.

We can customize the pellets depending on their usage by altering their length and density. The length is important for combustion and for animal bedding (e.g. for heating they are sized depending on the mechanical auger type; and for chicken bedding shorter pellets are used to protect their feet). The density is directly proportional to the hardness of the pellet, higher for pellet used in combustion and lower for animal bedding.

Here you can find the analysis report that certifies the quality of our pellets :